J. Cole is just… life.

Fuck you. Just fuck you.

The worst feeling possible has to be when you feel broken.

Unhappy again.
I can be such a loner at times.
I’m depressed. I think.
I always get this feeling that i’m not good enough for people.
Realizing that some people on this earth actually experience that movie/ fairytale type of love kills me inside. It’s sad to know that not too many people will ever get to experience that.
Why cant I be beautiful? I’m so ugly.
Why do I feel like theres a whole in my heart as if there is nothing.
I want to be myself. Whoever that is anyways…
I hate that i’m always someone’s second option. Can I be first once?
Taking Away the Negativity.

I’ve been doing such a good job at this. When you take away all of the problems from your life or the people that cause it, you don’t even realize how much happier you will become. I’ve should have learned to do this like months ago. You have to find people that actually make you happy. The people you can actually benefit from and learn something from. The ones that you can see life long relationships with. The ones that just make you really unhappy and won’t try to understand your ways are just a waste of time. Find friends that actually deserve your time and loyalty. It seems like you really can’t be happy without them but then you realize they just aren’t for you.


Gotta Kick It Up (full movie)

man im not even latin but this was my favorite disney movie ever.

Honestly when are you gonna get tired of people looking at you like the weak link?